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Transition Stage Company was founded in New York by Natalie Edwards-Yesufu with the support of the late Ron Tipp, the producer of Space Jam. It was birthed out of the need to provide a platform for international filmmakers and screenwriters in the United States so they could get a foothold in the American film market.

Transition Stage Company officially aided film production and created screening galas and theatrical events in Manhattan, finding the best stories, showcasing filmmakers and storytellers from all over the world.

In 2019 Transition Stage Company was relaunched by founder Natalie in her home town of Birmingham as a production company focused on film and factual entertainment. Transition Stage Company also has a Script Development department with a database for writers, and prestige scriptwriting competitions that end in large galas, showcasing the best in screenwriting and entertainment.

In addition, Transition Stage Company also has a passion for finding diverse stories and storytellers to monetise and platform. It's value is in amplifying excellent storytellers to enable empathy in the world.

Transition Stage Company's purpose is to plant the seeds of opportunity that transition beautiful ideas into reality, celebrate inclusivity, and bring people together to enjoy the intrinsic value of all forms of motion pictures.

We are sensitive to the issues around climate change. The film industry is a significant contributor to waste, so Transition Stage Company has committed to using the Albert carbon calculator. Tracking our production's green gas emissions will enable us to calculate our carbon footprint and make sure it is as low as possible. We must be the change in the world.

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