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The Story of Transition Stage Company

Transition Stage Company is a multi-discipline production company specialising in event, film and theatre production. It has been active in the UK since 2018 but was first founded in 2011 in New York by Natalie Adele Edwards-Yesufu. The company was established under the mentorship and collaboration of the award-winning producer of 1997 Space Jam and head of producing New York Film Academy faculty, Ron Tipp.

Natalie is an alumna of the New York Film Academy Academy, and is an actress, producer and multi-award nominated entrepreneur. Her first mentor, Ron Tipp, transformed her life, and she wants to follow in his footsteps and extend the opportunities bestowed upon her to other creatives.

Natalie believes that for a visual artist and creative to grow, develop, and maintain a successful career, there are four pillars of support that need to be in place to transform vision into employment: a secure network, visibility, personal development, and opportunity. By using these four pillars, she developed the foundations of Transition Stage Company to create professional and effective networking events, screenings, and employment through off-Broadway Theatre in Manhattan and film production. Through Transition Stage Company, she also unearths brilliant storytellers, both screenwriters and playwrights.

She decided to return to her home town to study at the prestigious Birmingham School of Acting, where she pursued a MA in Acting. After completing her degree, she realised that she could make a difference in her home county of the West Midlands and create equality of opportunity in a sector that has such a low ceiling for some creatives. Transition Stage Company has expanded and is now creating projects and opportunities across the UK.

Natalie uses her entrepreneurial spirit and flair for bringing people together from all different walks of life. In 2017 she launched Transition Stage Company in the NatWest entrepreneur incubator hub with the award-winning scriptwriting event and initiative Enter.Stage.Write and writers digital platform.

She has created a digital platform and marketplace for scriptwriters to showcase and sell their intellectual property. Another fundamental objective of the company is to engage new audiences in theatre and film through diverse storytelling, whether it be through online platforms, screening, or theatre.

Transition Stage Company’s mission is to plant the seeds of opportunity by transforming beautiful ideas into reality.

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