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Can you be the next Enter Stage Write Grand Champion?


It might seem like an impossible feat to get your script into television or theatre, but you can if you know what to do and where to do it.

The Transition Stage Company presents Enter Stage Write, the UK’s, peak-time awards show celebrating new writing from a nationwide screenwriting and playwriting competition.










  • The Enter Stage Write event is an annual nationwide writing competition and a show for scriptwriters.
  • A call for submissions of ten-minute-long scripts for television, radio, film or theatre is issued in the summer of each year.
  • A panel of experts reviews the submitted scripts and puts together a shortlist of five scripts. The scripts will be adapted for the stage and performed by professional actors at the Enter Stage Write Grand Final by professional actors.
  • In addition to the performance of the five shortlisted plays, the Enter Stage Write Grand Final features music acts and dance troupes.
  • Two main awards are presented on the night: The Enter Stage Write Champion award, chosen by the judges, and the Enter Stage Write Audience award.
  • The panel of ten judges is made up of leaders from the worlds of television, film and theatre.
  • The Enter Stage Write Champion takes home a £1000 prize.
  • The Enter Stage Write Grand Final takes place annually either in an online showcase or in a Theatre (depending on Covid-19 guidelines).
  • All submitted scripts remain on the Transition Stage Company database for a year, during which time high-level industry executives have access to view and option the scripts for production.
  • Writers retain the full rights to their scripts.
  • Writers are advised to join the Writers Guild to benefit from guidance on protecting their intellectual property.
  • This event not only raises the profile of writers but also of actors and side acts associated with Enter Stage Write.


2 years ago, I won #ENTERSTAGEWRITE with my short play #Truth. Since then, I have gone on to write more plays, and now I’m part of a writer’s room where I get to develop my new skill, writing for TV. I’ve got so many stories to tell I’m bursting at the seams with ideas. This is an exciting time for me; I will continue to write and penetrate an industry that has often been impossible to access. Transition Stage Company thanks for the opportunity to showcase my script. I’m no longer taking little steps; I’m taking big strides!

Tonia Daley Campbell

Winner of Enter Stage Write 2019



Take a moment to read through the cover letter guidelines and the terms of the agreement. Your entry won’t be acknowledged if you fail to adhere to the guidelines.


Ensure you submit a PDF and be sure to include a cover letter to your submission. Your entry will not be accepted if you fail to add a cover letter.


Fill the form below and make the payment to submit your entry for consideration. Be sure to check out our FAQs below to learn more about the competition.

Creative outlets like ‘Enter Stage Write’ are essential for talent seeking their way into the industry.”-

Lisa Walters

BAFTA Winning, Blacklight TV

Meet Your Judges for the Competition


  • Chris Sudworth, Director of Artistic Programmes at Birmingham Hippodrome
  • Lisa Walters, Development Executive and Script Editor at Channel 4, Producer of BAFTA-nominated “On The Edge”
  • Louise Le Puloch, Production Development FRENCHKISS PICTURES
  • Anya Camilleri, award-winning Writer and Director
  • Darcia Martin, Director BBC and Channel 4 productions such as Call the Midwife, Father Brown, Hollyoaks 
  • ITALY Piero Bassao Piero Award-winning cinematographer
  • USA Miguel Parga EMMY award writer and director and Teacher NYFA / Harvard Summer Film schools 
  • Abraham Adeyemi is an award-winning writer-director and playwright. debut short won the best narrative short at Tribeca Film Festival; also, ‘Enter Stage Write’ winner 2017  


Enter Stage Write was a superb event, meticulously organized by Natalie and her team. The Birmingham Hippodrome was a wonderfully atmospheric venue with a buzzing full house in the Patrick Studio. The plays were very well directed, rehearsed and performed with other singing and dancing acts giving the audience a really splendid show. Every aspect was professionally organized, from the pre-show networking to the post-show interviews and celebrations. The whole evening was a hugely enjoyable and valuable experience. I would recommend Enter Stage Write to any playwright.

Jon Skinner

Enter Stage Write Winner, 2020


Do we still own the rights to our script?

You keep all the rights to your script.

What should the cover letter look like?

Please scroll up to look at the cover letter template

Can I even enter if I am under 18?

Any age can enter, but if you are under 16, a parent or guardian must enter for you.

Do you share my information?

We keep your data safe and do not share it with any third parties.

What is the prize?

The prize at the moment is 1000 pound, your work produced, and your script showcased and performed by professional actors, in front of an industry panel. 3-hour P.R package from seventy-one media. A year-long nurturing and support with your writing career. Social media strategy support. The prizes can change meaning more prizes may be added on during the duration of the competition.

If I am unemployed or receive a disability allowance in the UK, can I get a discount on the admission fee?

The submission price is 15 pounds unless you are unemployed or receive a disability allowance in the UK. Then it will be 13 pounds.

I am not from the UK. Can I enter?

You must be a UK citizen or reside in the UK to enter.

Do we get feedback on our script entry?

You get some feedback on your script, but it is not in-depth. Suppose you would like more in-depth feedback on your script. Head over to our website and book a session with our script coach Anna Southgate. Visit here

How do you let us know if we have been successful?

There will be two rounds of finals this year, top 10 announced on our social media and then an announcement of the final scripts that have made it to the final 5.

If my script makes it to the final five, how long does Transition Stage Company have to option it to production companies and various outlets?

By submitting your script, you agree that if your script is awarded a place in the finals of Enter Stage Write, your script will be held automatically under option by the Transition Stage Company for a period of eighteen months after the announcement of the awards.

Why do I have to pay to submit?

The admin fees are in place for us to employ expert script practitioners.

If my script does not make it to the final, are there still opportunities for my script ?

Even if your script does not make the final 5, you are still part of Transition stage Company alumni and digital database and if you consent, we can still point you in the right direction of guidance and push you forward for opportunities that suit your style of writing or for your initial script entry.



Transition Stage Company seeks to actively foster relationships with an impressive judging panel of established talent in both the stage and TV industry. As one of the finalists of ‘Enter Stage Write’ 2020, it was a great opportunity to see my play, Britain For Breakfast, about the refugee crisis, produced at Birmingham Hippodrome by Transition Stage Company. It’s always rewarding to find a genuinely interested company in developing undiscovered talent in the industry.

David Bottomley


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Enter Stage Write is a glittering awards night celebrating new writing from a nationwide screenwriting and playwright competition.

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