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Amplified is due to open next year.

Transition Stage Company is looking for 10-minute comedy scripts specifically from black, Asian, and ethnic minority writers in the UK. Scripts will receive feedback and there is a £1000 award for the best script.

This competition and event will follow the same format as 'Enter.Stage.Write'. Scripts will be performed by established actors and judged by an esteemed judging panel from film, TV and theatre in the hope of having your work commissioned, with the live or pre-recorded performance taking place in the summer. Furthermore, some of the scripts will undergo Transition Stage Company Research and Development programs.

Previous Judges:

  • Sarah Asante, Commissioning Editor at UKTV
  • Darcia Martin, Director for BBC and Channel 4 TV shpws
  • Chris Sudworth, Director of Artistic Programme at Birmingham Hippodrome
  • Anya Camilleri, award winning Writer and Director
  • Martin Sketchley, West Midland's representative for the Writers' Guild of Great Britain

Please see the Enter.Stage.Write franchise terms of the agreement. Amplified is open to British citizens, residents or students who are Black, Asian, or other ethnic minority.

The Winners of Amplified 2021

  • Sara Amanda: Amplified Audience Award
  • Matt Lim: Amplified Social Media Award
  • Brian Birigwa: Amplified Grand Champion

See Amplified 2021 adapted to the screen here:

Why Amplified?

The Creative Diversity Network, which captures diversity inclusion data in broadcast and screen industries, has an online system called Diamond which is used by BBC, ITV, Channel 4, ViacomCBS, UKTV and SKY to obtain consistent diversity data on the programmes they commission. In the Fifth Cut Diamond report, the representation of female and ethnic minority writers was poor on British TV. Lack of representation puts Britain back in the race for the best innovative TV.

Representation matters, and 'Amplified' finds these voices and stories, using the stage as a conduit.


We also want to bring back the British Black and Asian renaissancee of comedy from the '90s and '00s. Reminiscent of comedy shows such as The Real McCoy, Desmond's and Goodness Gracious Me, we would love to bring this kind of British comedy back to the stage and the screen. Amplified is your chance to be part of a new movement.

If you are a broadcaster or streamer and would like to sponsor this event, or if you are a business that wants to be at the forefront of social inclusion in the screen and stage industry, please reach out to info@transitionstagecompany.com or contact us on our social media, and we will respond quickly. 


Download a brochure here.

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