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RELEASE FORM: ENTER STAGE WRITE Transition Stage company 185 Holiday Street Churchgate plaza Birmingham B11pw Scrip/screenplay Dear Miss N EDWARDS, CEO Transition Stage Company: I am submitting to you herewith certain written material (the “Material”) to be put forward for the “ENTER STAGE WRITE” competition on September 19 th , 2017. I understand and agree that the Material, including any play performed of the Material, is signed over to Transition Stage Company and N Edwards, CEO. I understand and agree to waive all rights to written works (e.g. book publishing’s), films based on the Material, or on-going Theatre performances based on the Material. Although Transition Stage Company owns the rights, you are still the credit writer and will always be credited and promoted. I understand that there will be no financial or other remuneration for using script submitted in any capacity and script performed in any “ENTER STAGE WRITE” competition, or published works via Transition Stage Company or any company Transition Stage company chooses to publish works through. I agree that should I sell or license the Material; a condition of the sale or license shall be that you receive a script credit in the published play and end credits of any motion picture or television program based from Material. I acknowledge that the Material was created and written by you without any suggestion or request from you. I agree with the rules of the competitions that you must have been born, reside, studies or have an agent in the regional area of the West Midlands area. You agree that you will not use the Material or any part thereof unless you either:  enter into an agreement with me granting you the right to use the Material or  determine in good faith that you have the independent legal right without my consent to use all or any part of (or any features or elements in) the Material either because (I) I do not own or control such Material or such features or elements, or (ii) the Material or features or elements used by you and claimed by me to be the Material or embodied in the Material is in the public domain, is not new or novel, is not legally protected or protectable, or was independently developed by you or obtained by you from other sources.  You may, however, reprint or publish extracts from as examples for educational and/ or promotional purposes, provided neither myself nor the title of my Material is identified. I further understand that you may make similar comments on other materials, and acknowledge that the copyright and ownership of the comments themselves (as distinct from any changes or contributions to my Material, including story changes, that may be made pursuant to the Comments) remains with you.  This agreement shall be constructed under the law. Any chance hereto shall not be effective unless made in writing signed by both parties.  I hereby certify that I am over sixteen years of age and I am competent to contract in my own name insofar as the above is concerned. And if I am under sixteen years old it is my legal guardian submitting the script "  By entering your script in “ENTER STAGE WRITE” you are signing and agreeing to this contract in its entirety. Good Luck

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