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What is Enter Stage Write?

• The Enter Stage Write event is an annual nationwide writing competition and shows for scriptwriters.

• A call for submissions of ten-minute-long scripts for television, radio, film or theatre is issued in the autumn of each year.

• A panel of experts reviews submitted scripts and put together a shortlist of five scripts. The scripts will be adapted for the stage and performed by professional actors at the Enter Stage Write Grand Final in March. Using professional actors from the West Midlands or whatever region the event aims to be.

• In addition to the performances of the five ten-minute-long plays, the Enter Stage Write Grand Final features music acts and dance troupes.

• Two main awards are presented on the night: The Enter Stage Write Champion award - chosen by the judges and the Enter Stage Write Audience award.
• Five shortlisted scripts will be performed at the Enter Stage Write Grand Final before a panel of industry leaders. The panel of ten judges are made up of leaders from the worlds of television, film and theatre and to be confirmed over the next month via social media

• Confirmed judges include Chris Sudworth, Artistic Director of the Birmingham Hippodrome; Sean Foley, the multi-Olivier Award-winning actor, writer and director and newly-appointed artistic director of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre; Darcia Martin, director of Hollyoaks and BBC’s Call the Midwife; Lisa Walters, producer of Backlight TV’s 4Stories series for Channel 4 and David Ralf of Bunker Theatre in London. Martin Sketchley West Midlands Chair of writers Guild of Great Britain. Andrea Mongomery writer and director of Terra Nova productions Belfast. However, there are more judges to be confirmed over the next month.

• The Enter Stage Write Champion takes home a £1000 prize.

• The Enter Stage Write Grand Final takes place in the prestigious Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre.

• All submitted scripts remain on the Transition Stage Company database for a year, during which time high-level industry executives have access to view and option the scripts for production.

• Writers retain the full rights to their scripts.

• Writers are advised to join the Writers Guild to benefit from guidance on protecting their intellectual property.

• This event not only raises the profile of writers but also of actors and side acts such as the dance troupes and musicians.

Enter Stage Write 2020

This year 'Enter Stage Write' decided to focus on the film production of the three finalist scripts. Themis production is currently in post-Production of the three finalist scripts of 'Enter Stage Write' 2018.

Screening date is due to be announced in the coming weeks for a day in December in Birmingham.

Are you ready for 'Enter Stage Write 2020?'

* This year Enter Stage Write Grand Final takes place in the prestigious Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre on March 11th.
* Llimited tickets to be released January 2020.

Are you a writer who wants to Submit to 'Enter Stage Write' 2020?

Please start preparing NOW. We are limiting application submissions as last year we were oversubscribed.

STRICT Summary of Rules


* PLEASE START THE SCRIPT WITH A COVER PAGE WITH BRIEF SYPNOSIS. furthermore genre, your age, Your name, social media tag, The characters' genders and age where the script takes place. (please go to rules for more information)
* The script must be 2-3 people cast
* No musical Theatre. NO solo shows. No monologues
* Please check spelling, grammar and formating. The key is to make it easy for the judges to read.
* The script can be for Film, TV, Radio, Theatre as long as we can be adapted to the stage. (Easily DONE)
* The script can be a stand-alone piece. Extract from play, Film, TV or Radio. As long as it makes sense and it is a beginning middle and end.
* You must be the writer and owner of the script. No more than two writers for each piece submitted.
* There is an opt-in opt-out opportunity to be

Why Enter Stage Write is Necessary

* Regional Inclusivity West Midlands accounts for more than 25 per cent of television licence fees in the UK. There is currently no prime-time TV created in the region.

According to the Mike Bradley of the Campaign of Regional Broadcasting Midlands (CBRM), the West Midlands region would be £786 million better off annually if broadcasters invested at the same level as they do in London, Manchester and other northern areas.

This lack of investment affects not only the economy of the region but also its tourism. Positive depictions of a city or region on the television and film can attract visitors.

Look no further than Peaky Blinders, the prime-time television hit created by the Birmingham-born writer Steven Knight and filmed in Yorkshire, which has led to a 26 per cent spike in tourism for Birmingham since 2013, according to the West Midlands Growth Company (WMGC). Fans of the BBC drama now flock from around the world to the West Midlands. To walk in the footsteps of their favourite characters.

More opportunities emerging writers and other performers from the West Midlands, to have their work showcased. Showcased in front of leading executives in the UK’s creative industries, the more likely it will be that more stories from the region will make it to the screen. Enter Stage Write provides just such a platform.

* Unearth diverse writing talent

Writing is the first step to more diversity and better representation on our screens and in our theatres.

Male, middle-class and London-centric individuals predominantly run the creative industries. As a result, the stories told on television and in the theatres are not representative of modern British society which has led to an erosion of television audiences.

By diversifying writing talent, the creative industries can produce content for the untapped market. The market of people of different genders, ethnic backgrounds and regions. People who are hungry for shows and plays that are a more accurate reflection of their lives and their communities. Enter Stage Write is an essential initiative in building diversity from the grassroots upwards.

“It is particularly great to see an event that reaches out to new audiences while always remembering it is focused on the writers. And doing it outside London too.”-William Gallagher, Deputy Chair of the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain

• Opportunities for artistic talent in the West Midlands region

The lack of productions in the West Midlands means that actors and other performers in the region are either overlooked or forced to travel elsewhere to develop a career.

This creates the impression that there is a dearth of creative talent in the region. As a result, even Birmingham-based theatrical companies tend to hire from outside the region.

Enter Stage Write is now an important production in Birmingham’s theatrical calendar for professional performers.

• Attract new audiences to the theatre

The Enter Stage Write founder, Natalie Edwards is passionate about ensuring that theatre is not viewed as a pastime for elites, but everyone. That is why the ticket prices for the Grand Final has been kept low to ensure accessibility.

Almost half of the audience attending the Grand Final were first-time or rare visitors to the theatre.

Success stories of Enter Stage Write Abraham Adeyemi, 2017 Champion

• Abraham Adeyemi’s play, These Minging Streets, was performed by BAFTA winner and double Oscar nominee Jude Law in the lead role at the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre in 2017

• Accepted onto the prestigious BFI Network x BAFTA Crew 2019 - a career development programme for writers, directors, producers and other craft and technical talent

• Adeyemi’s play, All the Shit I Can’t Say To My Dad opened at the Bunker Theatre on August 2019.

• Awarded £15,000 by SoHo House in 2019 to write and direct his first film which will open at the London Film Festival in the short film category

• Tonia Daley-Campbell, 2018 Champion and Audience Award winner

• The Strictly Arts Theatre company have offered to commission a more extended version of her Enter Stage Write-winning play, Truth.

• Tonia Daley-Campbell debuted her production companies action hero TV pilot Lucid the Dream Walker at the prestigious Screen nation awards 2018

• The Transition Stage Company has commissioned Tonia Campbell to make short films of the top three scripts from the 2019 Enter Stage Write competition, to be released on December 2019.

Past supporters of Transition Stage company and Enter Stage Write

Supporters of the competition include leaders from the worlds of television, film and theatre such as

• Darcia Martin, the Call the Midwife director,
• Lee Mason, Channel 4 Commissioning Editor
• William Gallagher, Deputy Co-Chair of the Writer’s Guild of Great Britain and Doctor Who, Casualty and Eastenders writer.

“Having attended both Enter Stage Write events, I love the format and more importantly what they are doing for the industry - giving people a platform to perform - much like what we are trying to do at the Birmingham Film Festival. We will continue to support this event in future years.”

Dean Williams, CEO, Birmingham Film Festival

Contact Natalie Edwards at Natalie@transitionstagecompany.com or on +44 7446 739 099 to reserve any of the sponsorship opportunities below that may interest you.


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