Enter Stage Write!

The purpose of 'ENTER STAGE WRITE." is principally to support and to encourage local talented writers within England to share their authentic stories. Through the telling of stories, we gain different insights into the writers’ worlds and their outlooks; through these various points of view and perspective, organic diversity and the cultural difference within the region becomes exciting and apparent. Transition Stage Company want to have the content of these stories recognised and enjoyed, giving creatives of all creeds and class an opportunity to shine. Writers will feel proud to have their words brought to life for an evening while actors can use this innovative new material to address the audience and showcase their skill. 


We are lucky enough to be able to highlight how fantastic the imagination and creativity within England is. Transition Stage Company is fortunate in that we are on track to group this talent together and help promote the wide range of works within one singular event – ‘ENTER STAGE WRITE’   


Transition Stage Company know what it is like to struggle to be seen or heard within the sector and recognise the fierce competition which stands in the way of emerging talent. Additionally, we ourselves have been impressed, entertained and welcomed by a variety of local stage shows and events over the years – from drama school and repertory theatre right through to networking and workshops. Therefore the company want to give back to the community! We want to do what we can to help pave the way for those who we feel deserve it right now, we want to give all applicants an equal shot at getting their work out there.


Transition Stage Company essentially desire to create an ecosystem as a result of the ‘ENTER STAGE WRITE’ event; as important as highlighting the actual acting and material is, equally as important is appreciating the huge diversity of races, cultures and backgrounds which we have. We want them to be interacting and integrating in the same environment, sharing stories, bouncing off each other with ideas and speaking as one big representative voice within England.



Another of Transition Stage’s eventual endeavours is to bridge the gap between UK and US industries through connections made during the networking hubbub of events such as ‘ENTER STAGE WRITE’. Having started life supporting drama school and conservatoire students in New York City, Transition Stage Company is well equipped with the know how of how to approach American corporate companies, investors and casting directors – perks which our event applicants can look forward to in the future. The nature of the ‘ENTER STAGE WRITE’ event certainly gives it transatlantic capabilities, there will be plans to branch out and launch similar events in other regions within the UK. After having established some firm ground within the UK, the company aims to travelling back to it’s roots in New York and subsequently on to Chicago theatres.


Further to the ethos of giving back to the community, Transition Stage Company have successfully liaised with Birmingham Children’s Hospital and will ensure that 10% of all proceeds will go toward funding their practice.  




It is imperative you follow the guidelines of our example script Download

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