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Welcome Stephanie Silver a contestant finalist of Enter Stage Write 


Stephanie Silver


When did you start writing?

I always loved writing but never did it until I went to drama school in my late twenties. When I was younger, I wrote short stories and song lyrics, but I was never in a school that pushed me. When I decided to take acting seriously, I started to write monologues and things developed from there. Writing is a bit like therapy for me; I’m in a happy place when I’m writing, I’m super Lucky to have discovered It as it makes me feel excited, and I feel like I’ve found my passion and something that I’m quite good. Then seeing people breathe life into the words is pretty cool.

What people inspire you?

Anna Jordan, Gary Owen, Stephen Adly Guirgis, Torben Betts, Alan Ayckbourn

I like hard-hitting stories, and I also love dark comedy! Something tragic but hilarious is my fav, I watched Four Lions recently and that style of writing is powerful.


What is your writing style?

I do ponder this, people always say, ‘a writer has a voice.’ I’m still a newby forging my way, so it’s taken a while to come to know my style, but over the last six months, a pattern has emerged. I tend to take quite severe topics and add humour to balance it. I think my writing tends to be very topical and political but steers away from bashing people over the head with a message as I put human stories and characters at the forefront.


What’s your most significant achievement so far?

Getting ‘Our Big Love Story’ on for a three-week run In London was a huge thing for me, we got loads of 4-star reviews and nominated for a Best of Fringe award at the International Youth Arts Festival. I worked to death to pay Equity rate for the entire production, so I would say that was a huge moment. I’ve other achievements but I think producing on the fringe is tough and expensive and exhausting, so as a Working-class Actor making that happen, I took a moment to say, ‘well-done Steph’.


What do you see for yourself in the future?

I want to write for Television and Film. That would be a dream, and I’d like to be commissioned to write stuff. I would feel like a real writer then! I’ll continue producing my writing until people are sick of seeing me! I’m planning on returning to Ed Fringe next year; I’d like to make that happen with my production ‘How to Save a Life’ which is on at TheatreN16 this August as part of Their Catapult scheme.




Stephanie Silver is a proud working-class writer/actor/producer and director. She is a producer for Actor  

Awareness, co-producer at New Dreams Theatre and runs her own company Glass Half Full Theatre which has received critical acclaim for its recent production ‘Our Big Love Story’. Her first play won an open submission Australia and was produced by ‘Owl and Cat Theatre’ March 2017 opening to 4-star reviews.

Currently, Stephanie is working on self-penned short films #StrongNotSkinny and ‘How To Save a Life’. She recently appeared in the short film ‘The Hygienist’ written by Harry Tar Haar.

Stephanie Silver also is a producer and co-creator with Tom Stocks of Actor Awareness where Maxime Peake is the patron 


You can checkout Stephanie Silver next production ‘How To Save A Life’ on November 20th 


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