Tonia Daley-Campbell 2018 WINNER!




Enter Stage Write 2018 was a great success, very well received and a stellar contribution toward making the arts more inclusive in Birmingham. Transition Stage Company, the team has worked very hard to bring various creatives together. Both the audience members and the panel of judges engaged avidly throughout the red carpet showcase event at The Lab, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. The judging panel was made up of a group of key industry figures. Abraham Adeyemi, writer and winner of last year’s Enter Stage Write judge’s award, was present on the panel. Also on the panel were Strickly arts award-winning  theatre-maker Corey Campbell, film producer  BBC director 

Darcia Martin, Channel 4 commissioner Lee Mason, Channel 4 producer Lisa Walters, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire MA course director Lise Olson, stage and screenwriter Liz John, chairman of Love Brum and owner of Hollywood Monster Tim Andrews, and William Gallagher of Writers Guild.

Both the judges and the audience had the difficult task of ranking the five finalist scripts and deciding on a winner. All five chosen pieces were cleverly written, and it was no surprise that they were shortlisted from around 200 entries. The evening opened with a punchy, crowd warming performance from singer Namiwa Jazz. Compare Jon Trevor then succinctly introduced all of the scenes,  

First up was ‘Burt’ by Jamie Sergeant, a funny yet poignant play about the loneliness of an ageing man. We had some strong and honest acting from Claire Jones and Neville Cann. The second play was ‘The Fourth Wall’ by Kevin Powis, Chris J. Edwards and Melissa Westhead gave confident and comic performances in this witty play about writer’s block and addressing the audience. Third up was ‘Home’ by Lee Comley, Lee performed in his piece alongside Jayne Turpin and Adaya Henry. This was a highly dramatic and hard-hitting scene excerpt from a longer play; it delved into heavy emotions surrounding child abduction. The fourth act was ‘A Day In Life’ by Huss Rasit. Mikhael Deville and Pushpinder Chani worked brilliantly together as they portrayed two facets of the same man, in a hard play that explored mental instability and negative thoughts. Then it was the final piece of the night, ‘Truth’ by Tonia Daley-Campbell, that was both the audience’s and the judge’s favourite. ‘Truth’ began with such intrigue, as it slowly revealed that we were watching a white man in the EDL who was in love with a black woman; the building tension and emotion was then cut by a funny twist, it was all an act and the woman is actually an actress prepping for a big opportunity. Itasha James and Vincent Clarke had superb chemistry in this scene. The evening’s entertainment then came to a close with a high energy ensemble dance piece from local troupe Make It Happen.

Tonia Daley-Campbell, who also directed four of the scenes including her own, was very proud to take home two trophies on the night. All those who worked with Tonia said that she was such a positive impact throughout the process. It was very fortunate to have acting coach Karin Heslop on board. Also, she directed the first play ‘Burt’ very nicely. All five finalist plays have continued to be discussed with high praise, and everyone agrees that the whole evening was a grand celebration of the diverse range of talent which Birmingham is proud to have.




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